Access data and build applications using Energomonitor API

Access data and build applications using Energomonitor API
14/06/2017 exd-admin
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There is no doubt that API significantly elevates the usefulness of every IoT product. Finally, after months of beta testing and tuning, Energomonitor has one.

Energomonitor sensors produce a lot of data, which is processed by our processing engine and can be accessed in our application. But what if you want to process the data differently than we do? What if you want to build a custom visualization? Or what if you just don’t want to be locked into our platform and you want to be able to leave at any time, taking your data with you?

Today, we are addressing these and similar concerns: we are releasing a brand new REST API.

It offers access to all data we collected from your sensors, whether in raw form or after processing by our engine. Additionally, the API exposes metadata about the data streams and implements features that enable you to build rich applications on top of the Energomonitor platform.

To explore the API, read the documentation or try the interactive demo, where you can play with API endpoints and see how they respond to requests.

The API has been brewing for some time, and multiple partners used it during the beta period. Also, we use it internally as part of our infrastructure. As a result, we are confident that it can be used to build many types of applications. At the same time, we welcome feedback on what is missing or what could be improved. We plan to iterate on the API quickly in the coming months.

We hope you’ll find the API useful — and don’t forget to let us know what you’ve built with it!