Energomonitor is launching Stack7

a new service to help companies with the development of unique IoT solutions

Energomonitor is launching Stack7 — a new service to help companies with the development of unique IoT solutions
25/05/2018 exd-admin
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This week we’re officially launching our new project Stack7, a B2B service focused at companies who want to create products in the area of Internet of Things, but don’t have enough experience, skills or capacities for in-house development. Stack7 can cover these needs.

Energomonitor operates mainly on European markets now. We deliver our own IoT hardware and software for online monitoring of electricity, gas, and water consumption. Recently we added environment and air quality monitoring. We do this under our own Energomonitor brand and under few white-label brands as well.

After more than seven years of existence, we established a stable team of specialists and created a functional mixture of technologies, both our own and third-party ones. We now use these assets not only for further evolution of Energomonitor but also for custom development of IoT products.

“The devil is in the detail, and in IoT development, there are thousands of those details. During the development of Energomonitor, we reached many dead ends, some of which cost us a lot of money,” says Pavel Štorek, the CEO of Energomonitor. “When companies started to approach us with requests for consulting on the development of their IoT products, based on our experience with Energomonitor development, we realized that our know-how is valuable for these companies. So we decided to start offering development of IoT products as a service, under a separate Stack7 brand.”

Why should you hire us for development of your IoT project?

IoT development is complicated because the whole domain is new and variable, with only a small number of best practices. It requires a wide range of unique know-how, from hardware development to real-time transport protocols and data processing and visualisation. These areas form the seven layers of IoT solutions. The name Stack7 refers precisely to these seven layers, symbolising the ability of our team to develop across the whole technology stack.

This kind of service cannot be offered as a commodity, of course. Every project is different and has individual needs. As a result, Stack7 encapsulates a large number of individual services, from the initial analysis, through complete hardware and software development, to completion and mass production. At least part of this offer is highly unique.

More information: Check out the project website, watch our blog and follow us on Twitter. Also, feel free to contact us.

P.S.: What does all this mean for the future of Energomonitor? Nothing significant, really. Stack7 is intended to operate in parallel to Energomonitor. We consider Stack7 as broadening of our activities, not redirecting.