Introducing improved Exports in Energomonitor application

Introducing improved Exports in Energomonitor application
17/05/2018 exd-admin
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Today we introduced several significant improvements to Exports, based on your frequent requests. The feature of our application that allows you to download your data in CSV and Excel formats is now more useful and ready to better fulfill your needs outside our application.

So, what exactly did we do?

Added aggregations. Besides getting all the data points, we added an option to aggregate data over 15 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day and 1 month. This will make things easier for users who are interested in long-term data patterns (rather than individual data values).

Exports settings with the new Aggregation field.

Merged data files. We now put all the exported data into one big file. Before, we put data for each day into a separate file.

Improved column labels. Until now, column labels looked like this: “Main phase 1 [W] #1”. That is, they contained a description, unit, and a numeric index of the column. The problem is that the index was redundant, and it could have changed as users added or removed sensors.

To fix that, we decided to replace the index with a stream ID — a stable identifier which we also use in our API. Column labels now look like this: “Main phase 1 [W] (embbtj)”. As a result, you can easily find a particular column even when its position changes because a sensor was added or removed. And it also means a smoother transition toward our API, should you need to perform one.

Removed useless data. We removed few rather internal data streams from the exports. We promise you won’t miss them 🙂

Let us know what you think and what further improvements of Exports would you like to see!