Two worlds connect with Energomonitor

Two worlds connect with Energomonitor
21/05/2017 jakubmarek
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What do we all imagine when we hear the connection “smart-home”? A gadget that allows us to play with the garage door, open the windows or maybe a self flushing toilet? Most of us imagine a gadget which is somehow useful, but mostly fun to play with.

How about a different view? A combination of the knowledge of consumption and environment, remote management of heating and appliances all in a single system. The main stress being on you choosing which of the features is more important to you, when you want to be notified, when should what be on and so on. That is our idea.

Homes are not smart, customers are smart. We don’t want the home telling you what should be automatized. We want you to build your “smart” in a home or business by putting together what makes sense to you.”

Well, that is all innovative and great but what we are really trying to do is to connect two worlds, the world of customers (households, SME’s and SMB’s) and the world of utilities.

We don’t want to stop our effort at helping people make their homes smart, we want the utilities to participate in this and improve the notion of their brand through a product enabling a positive customer experience. There is a big blank space in the utilities’ building of a customer community.

Communities are built by an everyday interaction with a common interest and so we present a tool to create this interest and provide the utility provider with an opportunity for interactions through the new customer communication channels. Now while building this community the customer experience improves naturally. Why?

  • Because suddenly the customer connects the utility with something else than an electricity bill.
  • Because there is a great deal of opportunity for personalized support with building a smart-home ecosystem.
  • Because the green technologies are on the rise and who else should be distributing them to a customer then his utility provider.
  • Because there is a strong feeling of transparency in providing the customer with a complex overview of his own space connected with consumption.

There is a missing manifestation of the positive thinking from the world of utilities to the customers and we believe that we have the recipe on how to make this missing connection happen. If you want to witness the future reality of this manifestation follow us on social media and our website.

Your ideas and comments are more than appreciated! 🙂